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The L Makeup Institute culture puts students first in an intimate environment designed to encourage more student-teacher interaction. By design, we have a very low student to teacher ratio with a maximum of one teacher per every twelve students, so that our educators can provide the personalized one-on-one attention to ensure that each student discovers and develops their own unique style and artistic talent. The L Makeup Institute embraces a culture of prioritizing student needs. To do this, we establish a classroom environment of respect, collaboration and creative expression. We believe that the value of individualized, one-on-one instruction, which is only possible with a low student-to-instructor ratio, is at the heart of our mission to lead each of our students to a creative and satisfying career.

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L Makeup Institute provides real world experience, we believe that students learn makeup artistry best by doing. In fact, students begin working with product the first day of class. However, the pacing in no way detracts from our commitment to teaching the importance of research and preparation. Academic work generally consists of short, interactive lectures; demonstrations; practical exercises; and assignments. Over the course of study, each application is divided into its individual elements. Students develop mastery of each element through a process of daily, hands-on, skill builder projects. As student’s master elements, and then skills, they can apply those skills into evermore complex applications. To complement our curriculum, we incorporate audio-visual aids, PowerPoint presentations, live demonstrations, field trips, as well as guest speakers and specialized outside professionals who visit our campus to share their specialized expertise with our students.

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At the L Makeup Institute, our mission is to discover, educate, develop and place the best makeup artist and special makeup effects talent.


The L Makeup Institute, borne of a love of the craft of makeup artistry, was founded in 2010 by accomplished professional makeup artist Lissette Waugh. The L Makeup Agency and Institute, LLC DBA L Makeup Institute is the first of its kind in Las Vegas. Focused exclusively on the art and science of makeup artistry and special makeup effects, the institute began as a single classroom in the Arts District in Downtown Las Vegas. After quickly outgrowing its original location, in 2014 the L Makeup Institute moved to southwest Las Vegas and added an additional classroom, a student lounge, library, photography studio and administration offices.

In 2017, ACCSC recognized L Makeup Institute as a School of Excellence. That same year, L Makeup Institute moved into its current 11,000 square foot, visually stunning campus located within Tivoli Village in the heart of Summerlin. This campus combines upscale eateries and boutiques in a cozy Italian inspired backdrop with vibrant colors and decor – the perfect environment for inspiring creativity. Not to be outdone by its setting, the institute itself is bright and welcoming, boasts clean, mid-century modern design and thoughtfully created and equipped spaces to best serve our students. Four state-of-the-art classrooms each accommodate 20 students. Outside of class, students enjoy convenient access to an elegant, expanded student lounge and library equipped with multiple work stations, printers, books, magazines, and movies, a large photography room and multiple bathrooms — one of which is designated gender neutral. A teacher’s lounge, administrative offices, staff training room and the massive L Makeup Cosmetics Store round out the campus.

The L Makeup Institute is more than just an incredible learning environment. Always an advocate for our students, founder Lissette Waugh spearheaded an effort to rewrite state law that previously required makeup artists to hold a cosmetology or esthetician license. Thanks to her efforts, makeup artistry is now recognized as a stand-alone industry in Nevada, which means that our students can learn makeup artistry and special makeup effects and our graduates can work professionally without cosmetology licensing requirements.

Until the L Makeup Institute, there were no dedicated makeup schools in Las Vegas where aspiring makeup and special effects artists could study in-depth curriculum developed specifically for the makeup artist. Whether a student chooses the delicacy of beauty makeup or the intricacies of prosthetics, the L Makeup Institute is focused on creating the professionals of tomorrow while strengthening the skills of today’s working makeup artist. Our commitment is to remain at the forefront of makeup artistry education while continuing to serve as a venue of collaboration, support and inspiration for makeup artists. We know those who meet together in our institute today are the professionals who will be working together in the future.


Situated in Tivoli Village in the heart of Summerlin, L Makeup Institute is conveniently located at 440 s. Rampart Blvd. B130, Las Vegas, NV 89145. The L Makeup Institute blends the “Glitz and Glamour” of the world’s most exciting city with a taste of the local life. Moreover, our beautiful setting carries with it the charm and character of a true Italian village with beautiful walkways, gathering spaces, quaint shops and cafes. One of the many features at Tivoli is a stunning replica Tivoli fountain and just a quick stroll away our students often gather around the many outdoor sitting areas, park and cafes during down time. Students can enjoy great places to shop, dine, spend the day with your pup in designated dog-friendly areas, relax in a spa or break a sweat in one of the most elite gyms in the country – all in a pleasant outdoor atmosphere.

The L Makeup Institute offers a stylish atmosphere with all the accoutrements, technology and seriousness of a top-notch educational facility. The institute is a perfect combination of a mid-century, modern design merged with a chic, big-city hipness – well lit, open spaces; exposed, vaulted ceilings; glitter infused concrete floors; glass walls; electrical drops; and gold, gold, and more gold — all brought artfully together with warm, natural wood floors and treatments.

The highly imaginative and exciting 11,000-square foot campus, located in the heart of Tivoli Village in Summerlin, includes four separate training areas, a student and teacher lounge, a photography studio, professionally designed lighting throughout with a 90+ CRI for perfect skin tone matching and technical applications. Oh, and lest we forget to mention, we have a massive pro artist cosmetics store and glitter bar. Who says school can’t be fun?!

The clean, high-tech and beautiful campus houses every tool you’ll need to succeed as a makeup or makeup effects artist — including specialized ovens for baking moister out of molds and cooking foam latex, industrial equipment, high definition televisions and surround sound, video projection, white boards, recorded video surveillance, and dispensaries. Ample student parking at street level, underground and valet.

The facility and all school equipment fully comply with, and in most cases, exceed, federal, state and local ordinances and regulations, including requirements for fire safety, building safety, and handicapped access. In addition, voice recognition software and a laptop is provided to the hearing impaired.

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