L Culture

The L Makeup Institute culture puts students first in an intimate environment designed to encourage more student-teacher interaction. By design, we have a very low student to teacher ratio with a maximum of one teacher per every twelve students, so that our educators can provide the personalized one-on-one attention to ensure that each student discovers and develops their own unique style and artistic talent. The L Makeup Institute embraces a culture of prioritizing student needs. To do this, we establish a classroom environment of respect, collaboration and creative expression. We believe that the value of individualized, one-on-one instruction, which is only possible with a low student-to-instructor ratio, is at the heart of our mission to lead each of our students to a creative and satisfying career.

L Makeup Institute provides real world experience, we believe that students learn makeup artistry best by doing. In fact, students begin working with product the first day of class. However, the pacing in no way detracts from our commitment to teaching the importance of research and preparation. Academic work generally consists of short, interactive lectures; demonstrations; practical exercises; and assignments. Over the course of study, each application is divided into its individual elements. Students develop mastery of each element through a process of daily, hands-on, skill builder projects. As student’s master elements, and then skills, they can apply those skills into evermore complex applications. To complement our curriculum, we incorporate audio-visual aids, PowerPoint presentations, live demonstrations, field trips, as well as guest speakers and specialized outside professionals who visit our campus to share their specialized expertise with our students.


At the L Makeup Institute, our mission is to discover, educate, develop and place the best makeup artist and special makeup effects talent.

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