L Culture

Looking for a makeup school in Las Vegas who cares, the L Makeup Institute has a steadfast commitment to a culture that puts students first and focuses you on how to become a successful makeup artist. The entire faculty and staff at the L Makeup Institute makes every effort to provide support and opportunities that maximize a student’s experience and your journey to become a successful makeup artist. We have an open-door policy that advises students on both personal and academic issues and encourage all students to be proactive and discuss their vocational goals.

Our approach to learning is hands-on with heavy emphasis on lab work and practical exercises which accounts for 75% of the student hours. Short interactive lectures and demonstrations account for the other 25%. Our curriculum is provided through a sequential set of learning steps which address specific tasks necessary for graduation and job entry level skills as a professional makeup artist. We teach the importance of research and preparation, combined with short interactive lectures, demonstrations, practical exercises, and assignments. The curriculum breaks down each application into individual elements and incorporates daily hands-on, skill-building projects to improve technique and results. As student’s master skills, they learn to incorporate them into more complex applications.

The L Makeup Institute provides student support services that not only support your journey in becoming a successful makeup artist, we encourage personal responsibility and healthy decision-making that contributes to life-long learning and success. The Student Support Services Department is always available to assist students and graduates with questions about housing, transportation, child care, financial assistance, academics, career advisement, and all other concerns. Student services is here to support and enhance student learning, personal growth and academic achievement in a safe, confidential and socially just learning environment by providing resources and advising services to the student body. Additionally, progress assessments are conducted to provide both educators and students with a forum in which to meet and discuss areas of concern. If applicable, the educator will provide the student with a plan to help get caught up and schedule tutoring sessions if necessary. The bottom-line is we care and look forward to you developing your talents to become a successful makeup artist.

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