Pro Advisory

The L Makeup Institute’s Professional Advisory Committee (P.A.C.) of industry professionals and employers provides valuable input regarding industry trends and the institute’s performance, programs and educational objectives. The Pro Advisory Committee meets twice per year to review L Makeup Institute’s practices to ensure the effectiveness and relevancy of our instructional methods and program curriculum to help improve student performance, achievement and graduate employability skills.

Pro Advisory Committee L Makeup Institute

Given the importance and accountability of “career” education, the L Makeup Institute values our Professional Advisory’s critical assessment and shared emphasis to insure our program offerings keep pace with the industry and that the school’s resources reflect current occupational and employment trends and practices. Our Professional Advisory Committee conducts a hands-on assessment of our curriculum as to the appropriateness and adequacy of the program objectives, program length, curriculum content, learning resources, and the adequacy of the L Makeup Institute facilities and equipment.

We believe that the opportunity to obtain input, feedback, ideas, and multiple perspectives from our peers is a paramount component to the success, growth, and improvement of our school. Everyone at the L Makeup Institute sincerely sends our appreciation to those individuals that have volunteered their time and effort in helping the L Makeup Institute to succeed.