130 Hours / 4 weeks FT, 6 weeks PT

Course Description
become a makeup artist - SFX BEAUTY FUNDAMENTALS CourseBeauty makeup is an essential skill for any makeup artist no matter what medium or industry he or she chooses. This SFX Beauty Fundamentals course is included in L Makeup Institute’s 552-hour Master Makeup SFX Program.

Students will be introduced to the secrets behind how makeup looks are created and how to apply makeup professionally. Students will learn sanitation, facial contouring using highlights and shadows, color theory, correction and concealing techniques, complexion matching, false eyelash application, eye shading & blending, and the proper use of powder and cheek color. This SFX Beauty Fundamentals course incorporates daily projects and skill-building sessions, to encourage learning by practice through hands on repetition.

  • Application Fee: NA
  • Makeup Kit, Lab Fees, Books & Materials: NA
  • Tuition: NA
  • Total Cost of the Course: NA

Course Outline

  • THEORY – 13 hrs
    Orientation, policies & procedures, SAP, product brand knowledge, makeup kit inventory, sanitation & infections, tools and their uses
  • FACIAL ANATOMY – 19.5 hrs
    Facial structure and identifying different face shapes, identifying eye shapes, color placement, highlight and contouring
  • COMPLEXION – 19.5 hrs
    Understanding color theory, color matching different skin tones, identifying skin undertone’s, color correctors, highlight and contouring
    Principles of layering, creating gradation, crease placement, blending techniques, stage one eye, stage one eye with a drop down, stage two eye, false eyelash application, eyebrow creations, and eyeliner application.

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