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The L Makeup Institute is borne from the love of makeup artistry and passion of educating the next generation of makeup artists. Since opening exclusively as a makeup school in Las Vegas, the L Makeup Institute has successfully trained and certified hundreds of makeup artists who have gone on to work in the many makeup and fashion industry’s: film, television, fashion, freelance, and retail cosmetics throughout Las Vegas, as well as other U.S. cities and locations abroad.

Professional Makeup School in Las Vegas - L Makeup Institute Students

As THE makeup school in Las Vegas, L Makeup Institute provides real world experience where our students learn by doing and are able to get to work on the first day of class. Active student participation, social interaction and relationship-building and engagement with peers is encouraged and emphasized. Students have a chance to participate regularly in class discussions and to hear the thoughts and ideas of peers because we believe the more intensely students are engaged and involved in their own education, the more likely they are to do well, be satisfied with their educational experience, stay in school and complete their program of study. We support this concept through a very low student to teacher ratio with a maximum of one teacher per every twelve students for Makeup Artistry and one teacher per every ten students for Body Painting and Special Effects, so that our educators can provide the personalized one-on-one attention to ensure that each student discovers and develops their own unique style and artistic talent.

Student Airbrush Artist Body Painting - L Makeup Institute Makeup School in Las Vegas

The L Makeup Institute – A Professional Makeup School in Las Vegas

Where students are encouraged to inspire and challenge on another. Rigorous and fast paced, our students are able to maximize their time at the L Makeup institute so upon graduation they are prepared to work as a professional makeup artist. To complement our curriculum, we incorporate audio-visual aids, power point presentations, live demonstrations, field trips, as well as guest speakers and specialized outside professionals who visit our facility to share their expertise.

Student - Special Effects SFX Makeup School in Las Vegas

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