97.5 Hours / 3 weeks FT, 5 weeks PT

Course Description

AIRBRUSH & BODY PAINTING COURSEWhether you are a beginner or an experienced beauty Airbrush Artist, this comprehensive 97.5 hour airbrush & body painting Course will elevate your airbrush skills to the next level. Combining airbrush with body painting your ideas will come to life.

This course incorporates daily projects and skill-building sessions to encourage learning by practice through hands on repetition. Students will be instructed in a versatile array of airbrush applications, including beauty makeup, body makeup, character makeup, and stenciling. We will start by taking a look at the human body and the art form. You will then hone your skill level through various airbrush, body painting and sketching exercises taught and demonstrated by your instructor through live interactive presentations. From there, the students will be given conceptual direction to create and implement their character creations for their final design on a human canvas.

When taken in addition to other courses or part of a program, this course prepares students for work as entry-level makeup artist in film, television, and fashion. For an experienced makeup artist, this course provides a valuable continuing education experience that can augment his or her existing expertise.

Airbrush & Body Painting Course Outline

  • Intro to body art and airbrushing – 6.5 hrs
  • Equipment, stencils, materials and supplies – 6.5 hrs
  • Design and execution – 19.5 hrs
  • Highlighting and shading – 13 hrs
  • Character creation – 19.5 hrs
  • Advanced airbrush techniques – 13 hrs
  • Propping and Costume Creation – 13 hrs
  • Photo shoot and image for portfolio – 6.5 hrs

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