There is only one real professional make-up maker. There is only one Kryolan.

At Kryolan, we make make-up. But not like anybody else. Because unlike everybody else, we actually make our make-up. We’ve done it our way for 70 years and three generations. We think of it. We manufacture it. We formulate it and love it into existence. As one of the first cosmetics brands in the world, we use our own formulas and recipes to manufacture our own products. And we’re still doing it today.

– Every one of our color-true products stands up on stage and on camera, even under HD lighting and filming conditions
– All our products are very long-lasting, yet still comfortable to wear
– Every formula we develop is highly pigmented and color-intense
– We use ingredients of highest purity for unbeatable skin compatibility
– We guarantee color continuity, which means you can recreate similar looks again and again
– Our brand offers the highest degree of product safety and reliability – perfect for the professional environment
– A large number of our products are also suitable for everyday wear.

Our Clinical Credentials

We’ve always made our products to the state-of-the-art. In fact, the raw materials we use are of highest purity exceeding the requirements and expectations for cosmetics. To meet outstanding quality standards is our goal. That is why we cooperate with leading dermatologists and accomplish ongoing clinical tests to ensure excellent skin compatibility. We’re also pleased to report that, we always refused to test our products on animals. No Kryolan product has ever been tested on an animal. And when it comes to ensuring color consistency, we’re also at the forefront of technology. In our laboratories today, most skin shades are controlled with the aid of a photo spectrometer: a device used more commonly in scientific laboratories, which measures and monitors colors with pinpoint accuracy.

The History of Kryolan

1945 – Kryolan Professional make-up is launched and introduced to Berlin’s theatres, as the country recovers from the Second World War.

1962 – Kryolan take over the competing make-up firm Brandel GmbH, synergising their product ranges and business methods.

1969 – Kryolan premier the first publication for make-up artistry, “lebendige Maske”. This publication has been issued regularly ever since.

1971-1981 – After 26 years of doing business in the old premises, the company moves into its new headquarters in the Papierstrasse. Kryolan begin to make contacts in the USA, and in 1976 the first Kryolan subsidiary is opened in California. Shortly after, the brand’s export share grows to 60%.

1981-1982 – The camouflage sector continues to develop well, as Dermacolor products are sold in nine countries including Australia. Kryolan hold their 1st international make-up seminar in Berlin, with 150 participants attending from 20 countries. This seminar is a huge success, and becomes a repeat event.

1983-1986 – Kryolan continues to grow, expanding further into Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

1992-1993 – Kryolan take over Charles H. Fox Ltd. in London. Charles Fox is responsible for sales of Kryolan products in the United Kingdom. Kryolan Poland is founded.

1995 – Kryolan celebrate 50 years of successful business, as their products sell successfully in five continents.

2004 – Kryolan hosts their first Make-up Artists’ Forum, discussing the professional concerns and job prospects of German- speaking make-up artists. As the 28th Olympic Games are held in Athens, Greece, Kryolan are invited to provide make- up for 4000 actors for a one-of-a-kind opening ceremony. Kryolan develop a unique make-up formula to counteract the extreme weather conditions.

2005 – Arnold Langer is awarded the ‘A Lifetime of Beauty’ prize for his professional achievements at the Beauty International Trade Fair in Düsseldorf, Germany. Kryolan celebrate 60 years of business, operating seven of their own sites in six countries.

2006 – Kryolan present the first multicultural symposium of professional design make-up at a technical university in Berlin, speaking to over 100 make-up artists.

2007 – Kryolan launch their newest product innovation, High Definition make-up – designed for high-resolution camera technology. Kryolan’s Make-up Artist Team becomes exclusively responsible for make-up at a large fashion show in Düsseldorf and the famous fashion show Prêt a Porter in Paris.

2008 – Kryolan conduct their third symposium of professional design make-up in Milan, Italy.

2009 – Kryolan Professional Make-up is the official Cosmetics Partner for the most important beauty pageant in the world – Miss 2009. The Kryolan International Make-up Team is responsible for making-up the contestants, and for exclusively providing the make-up itself.

2011 – For the third time, Kryolan become the official Cosmetics Partner for Miss Universe – this time in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The new Kryolan corporate shop concept is also introduced in Hamburg, Berlin, San Francisco, Chicago, Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Chennai, Mumbai and Sofia. The brand holds their 4th Multicultural Symposium for Make-up in Istanbul, Turkey – presenting make-up trends and techniques to over 250 participants.

2012 – Kryolan has been selected as a major supplier of make-up products for the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2012 London Olympic Games. The brand launches its new positioning statement with a streamlined visualization starting from its packaging, webpage, brand film and more.

2013 – Kryolan opens its first ever ProZone at Naimie’s Beauty Center.

2014 – Kryolan started its 8th and 9th extension at its premises in Berlin. More space for R&D, production, shipping and administration is planned. A seminar room will be installed as well. Kryolan successfully held the 5th Global Face Art in Dubai with more than 200 participants from over 30 countries and experienced the trends and techniques of tomorrow. GFA is considered as a platform for exchange of professional knowledge among the industry. In Munich Kryolan opened its 3rd Kryolan City Store inviting professionals as well as end users to experience Make-up Is A Science.

2014 – Kryolan opens its second ProZone at L Makeup Institute in Las Vegas, Nevada.