375 Hours / 12 weeks FT, 17 weeks PT

Course Description
BEAUTY MAKEUP COURSEThis 375 hours Beauty Makeup Course is a deep study of the skills and attention to detail required for beauty makeup.

This course incorporates daily projects and skill-building sessions to encourage learning & practice through hands on repetition. We start by going over supplies, tools and their uses, and the appropriate sanitation and personal hygiene for a makeup artist including: terms and vocabulary words, how to identify different face shapes, understanding color theory as it relates to makeup artistry, and techniques and special formulas to achieve and create different styles of eye makeup looks. Students then will learn facial contouring using highlights and shadows, correction and concealing techniques, base matching, eye treatments, lip treatments, and the proper use of powder and cheek color.

Once you have mastered the essentials of makeup artistry, you are ready to move on to techniques demonstrated through live, interactive presentations. Students then practice their skills with the guidance of their educator, completing projects that range from natural make-up to avant-garde looks. Students also learn the mechanical aspects and use of the airbrush in order to create dramatic effects. When completed, students will have a solid understanding of the tools and materials required to be versatile in an array of airbrush applications, including beauty makeup, character makeup, and stenciling.

Lastly, students will learn how to work closely with photographers and directors emphasizing how to start and manage their careers. Students will be given conceptual direction to create and implement makeup designs and looks that clearly compliment the appropriate concepts. Students will apply makeup on models for a series of photo shoots designed to simulate actual working environments. Photo shoots will be captured digitally in our photo studio for the student to use in his or her portfolio.

Upon successful completion of Mastering the Art of Beauty Makeup Course, the student will be prepared to work as an intermediate-level make-up artist. Fields requiring makeup artists with this type of training include, but are not limited to: freelance, weddings, special events, photo shoots, runway, film and television, live theater, videos, freelance cosmetic position, retail cosmetics position, men’s grooming.

Course Outline

  • THEORY – 13 hrs
    Orientation, policies & procedures, SAP, product brand knowledge, makeup kit inventory, sanitation & infections, tools and their uses
  • FACIAL ANATOMY – 19.5 hrs
    Facial structure and identifying different face shapes, identifying eye shapes, color placement, highlight and contouring
  • COMPLEXION – 19.5 hrs
    Understanding color theory, color matching different skin tones, identifying skin undertones, color correctors, highlight and contouring
    Principles of layering, creating gradation, crease placement, blending techniques, stage one eye, stage one eye with a drop down, stage two eye and using colors, false eyelash application, eyebrow creations, eyeliner application, working with color
  • COMPLEXION – 78 hrs
    Identifying makeup, wedding makeup, mature skin, different skin tones, color matching, undertone, contouring, woman of color, teen makeup, HD makeup, natural
    Pop Art makeup, Cirque makeup, editorial makeup, Avant Garde, fantasy makeup, drag makeup, applying rhinestone and appliques, cuts and bruises
  • BASIC AIRBRUSH – 39 hrs
    Operating your equipment, practice exercises, beauty makeup, artistic makeup, stencil application, tattoo cover, airbrush color principles
  • Job Education – 13 hrs
    Shaping your professional image, creating your portfolio, image and attitude, your brand, marketing yourself, career options, earning potential, what to expect, field trip to top retail companies
    Additional lessons may be implemented depending on students’ progress, including guest speakers.

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