1 Day

Course Description
Sunless Spray Tanning WorkshopWhether you are planning a makeup party for your friends or starting a Sunless Spray Tanning business, this Sunless Spray Tanning Workshop class is designed to be fun, interactive, and provide you with the tools and training you need to become a Sunless Spray Tanning expert.

During this informative one day workshop you will receive hands-on instruction and practice to improve your spray tanning precision and speed with our tested and proven methods.

As part of the 1-Day Workshop you will receive an in-depth review of the Sjolie Sunless Retail and Professional Product Range. Learn each product recommendation, when it should be used, the proper manner in which to use it, key ingredients and selling points. How does sunless work? How can my client achieve the best tan? Can a walk-in client achieve the same results? All of these questions will be answered and more!

Course Outline

  • Equipment operation use, care and maintenance
  • Product description and use
  • Spray Tanning techniques
  • Marketing and advertising Tips
  • Building a successful Sunless Tanning Business
  • L Makeup Institute Sjolie Sunless Certification

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