156 Hours / 5 weeks FT, 7 weeks PT

Course Description
Wig Ventilating Course - makeup artistryThis 156 hour Wig Ventilating Course covers the basics, from tools of the trade to creating beards, it ramps up to advanced techniques for making and measuring wigs from any time period. Whether you’re a student or a professional, you‘ll find yourself prepared for a career as a skilled wig designer with techniques on altering existing wigs, multiple approaches to solving wig-making problems, and industry best practices including how to ventilate facial hair and wigs, pattern a wig foundation, and add hairlines to client’s wigs so they look more natural.

This accelerated wig building class will prepare you to construct, repair, clean and prep wigs for production, theatre, and fashion shows.

  • Application Fee: $100
  • Makeup Kit, Lab Fees, Books and Materials: $950
  • Tuition: $3,150
  • Total Cost of the Course: $4,200

Wig Ventilating Course Outline

  • Orientation – 9 hrs
    Materials, wig ventilating kit, terminology, tools, about hair, learning different techniques
  • Ventilating facial hair and hair styling – 18 hrs
  • Wig fronting ventilating wig front – 36 hrs
    Padding, blocking, layering, tracing
  • Advanced fronting – 22.5 hrs
    Silk matching, tea tying, mixing hair, hair hackle
  • Wig building – 22.5 hrs
    Padding, laying foundation, hand sewing, adding lace foundation
  • Advanced wig build – 22.5 hrs
    Speed training, rhythm, pattern and directional ventilating
  • Set & Style – 4.5 hrs
  • Instructor discretion – 13.5 hrs

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